the Zydus
of tomorrow.

After a journey of growth spanning 27 years as Cadila Healthcare Ltd. and the Zydus Group, we have evolved and transformed ourselves in response to the changing times. Our legacy of over 70 years in healthcare and being dedicated to life in all its dimensions is reaffirmed in our new mission, vision and purpose. Unifying ourselves under the Zydus name, Cadila Healthcare Ltd., is renamed as Zydus Lifesciences Ltd.

The new logo is a stylized visualization of two hearts with ‘us’ at the core.
Our brand colours are vibrant and rich in meaning. Emphasizing that everything we do is about ‘Us’. An inclusive community of employees, patients, caregivers, partners, customers, investors and stakeholders. The new ideology combines empathy and dynamism. This is brought to life through a new visual identity that delivers our future ready brand transformation. Positioning Zydus as a more path-breaking, inclusive, patient-centric, dynamic, global organization.

In 1995 we dedicated ourselves to the welfare of people and depicted our commitment with a heart-to-heart portrait. Today, with our evolved brand identity, this commitment emerges stronger than ever. The two hearts coming together emphasise that everything we do is inclusive and about ‘Us’.

Our community of employees, patients, caregivers, partners, customers, investors, stakeholders are an integral part of our growth story. They are the reason why we exist.

This information is intended for Healthcare Professionals in Sri Lanka only

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